We're not okay, but Jesus embraces us anyway.

God heals us and brings us hope, so that we can bring hope to others.

Ever wondered if life is even worth the pain? Us too.

We’ve been there: making grocery lists in church, feeling too disconnected to care.

It got worse in 2020. Our false sense of control crumbled, and isolation grew. We felt lost and broken and bored. Was there any hope?

We've moved past pretending. At Incarnation, we live life together: real, messy life.

Now, we don’t leave our problems at the door of our church. We bring them with us: to God, and to each other.

We've received healing and reconciliation and meaning beyond our wildest dreams. There is hope for you and your situation, and there is a place for you at Incarnation.


Our mission doesn’t start with getting our act together—it starts with God reaching out to us.

Embraced by Jesus

Through Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection, he defeats the power of sin and death and welcomes us with open arms. We are made new!

Embodying his presence

By receiving Jesus's embrace, we can then embody his healing and transforming presence in our families, at school or work, and in the community.


How we worship God, ask him to change us, and live out his purpose.

Devoted to the Gospel

Rooted in the Historic Church

Filled with the Holy Spirit

Invited to Sacrifice

Focused on Transformation

Animated by Hospitality

New? Just curious?

Come on over for dinner.

We'd love to have you over to our house to get to know you, share our story, and answer your questions.

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© 2021 Church of the Incarnation