One of the ironies in our ultra-connected world is a nagging feeling of disconnection, isolation, or loneliness.

We’re really good at activity, but we lack deep community. We long to walk with someone on a meaningful journey where we’re truly present to one another. And there’s a good reason: we’re actually made for this!

At Incarnation, Table Groups are times when we carve out to be present to God and to one another. It’s one way we embody Jesus to each other and our neighbors. In our hectic lives, it’s a needed alternative rhythm, where we tune our hearts to God and one another. It’s less of a program and more of a way of life. 

We view Table Groups as an extension of the Lord’s Table around which we gather each Sunday to receive the life-giving presence of Jesus. As we receive love, forgiveness, reconciliation, and mercy from Jesus, we gather at our tables and extend these gifts in tangible ways to each other. We listen. We share joys and disappointments. We journey together, paying attention to what God is doing in and among us.

Table Groups will typically consist of eating a meal or snack (depending on time of day) together, engaging Scripture together, and praying with and for one another. They’re warm, hospitable, accepting spaces where we encounter Jesus with and through each other. 

Table Groups are just about to begin this fall! Want to be involved? Sign up here.

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