Kirstin Magnuson

Born and raised in the Fox Valley, Kirstin returns to her homeland after 20+ years. During that time, she encountered the deep love of God, which has reshaped her longings and loves. While she still enjoys musicals, brisk walks, and new adventures, she is most passionate about seeing people go from knowing about God to knowing Him personally. She has a heart for connecting people to the body of Christ so that they may grow in their relationship with Jesus and with one another.

If she is running late for something, it’s usually because she got lost in conversation or tried to squeeze in one more load of laundry or text. While she values organization, her desk (dining room table) is graced with a vast array of paper notes. She is energized by a houseful of people laughing and playing games, along with warm, bright, sunny days… preferably near water.

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