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You're probably familiar with a typical church service. (You might have even fallen asleep in one or two...) ​

At Incarnation, we're not about empty rituals. We believe the real God actually meets us in his Word and at his Table.


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Incarnation is a new Anglican Church.
Let's break that down.


Incarnation has been meeting monthly for one year, and we started weekly services on January 9, 2022. We were planted by Church of the Resurrection as part of the Diocese of the Upper Midwest.


Being “Anglican” means we belong to a historically-rooted, global family of churches that teaches the Bible, worships in the pattern of the ancient Church, and celebrates God's active presence among us. We're a member of the Anglican Church in North America.


We’re more than a Sunday event: we’re a family. Throughout the week, we eat together, have fun, help out in the community, pray for each other daily, and support one another in every need we have. This is “life together!”

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